START is an incubation program aims at supporting entrepreneurs and innovators financially, administratively, technically and legally in addition to provide co-working spaces for them. These innovative ideas through incubation will get the chance to be a profitable start-up in the local and regional market. START offers start-ups the opportunity to market their products locally as well as internationally. Moreover, START provides good networking capability by which start-ups will be able to grow and develop. The program seeks for innovative and creative solutions to face the challenges in the economic sector. START is your entrance gate toward the world of business.

Goals and Objectives

The program seeks innovative solutions that help solve the problems facing some economic sectors and create a qualitative leap forward.

  • The detailed objectives of the program:
  • Spreading the culture of entrepreneurship.
  • Developing entrepreneurial ideas.
  • Developing of investment skills.
  • Networking with investors.
  • Networking with local and international institutions.
  • Terms of Submission (Requirements):
  • Any individual has the right to seek support under the following conditions:

  • 1 Leading idea or project: An idea with a good social and economic impact on the society The project cycle should not exceed two years of implementation.
  • 2 Number of team members: Integrated Team.
  • 3 Full-time work: Ability to assume leadership and commitment to do the tasks.
  • 4 Sectors: Within one of the target sectors
  • Evaluation criteria:
  • The criteria used to evaluate projects based on the following points:

  • 1 Creative idea or Startup Company.
  • 2 Economic feasibility.
  • 3 Team abilities.
  • Timetable:
  • Timetable for the specific activities of the project:

  • 1
    Launching of the campaign

    18Th of November 2018

    End of the campaign

    20Th of December 2018

    Initial interviews

    08-12Th of January 2019

    Pioneer Camp

    29-30Th of January 2019

    Pre incubation preparation phase

    09-16Th of February 2019

    Start of incubation phase

    23rd of February 2019

Our services

Start program provides services to leading companies in Gaza that operate in different fields and allow creativity for all leading companies.


Free co-working spaces.


Regular workshops cover a wide range of topics as financial management and penetrating the market.

Counselling sessions

Mentoring & counselling sessions led by business experts.


Financial support to an amount of $ 5000 in addition to other investment opportunities.


Procurement and distribution of equipment, facilities, technical & legal information, and trained personnel, essential to the proper operation of a project.

Marketing & public relations

Supporting the projects through marketing and public relations activities to develop their marketing capability.

International events and competitions

Free or concessionary tickets to participate in international events.

Post- incubation support

Continued support after the end of the program through networking with mentors and investors.